February 15, 2022

Mayorol mix-up: Texas woman named Regina Mayor mistaken for Regina’s mayor | Globalnews.ca

A Texas woman has gained a lot of attention on social media after clarifying that she is in fact not the mayor of Regina, her name just happens to be Regina Mayor.

The confusion began after a Twitter user tagged Mayor in a post intended for mayor Sandra Masters.

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“I am not the Mayor. This is my name,” Mayor simply stated.

Regina Mayor’s tweet that led to some unexpected fame.

Screen Capture / Twitter

Her tweet has since garnered more than 430 retweets and 4,140 likes.

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Mayor added in the tweet thread that this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“There were a whole bunch (of tweets) about street racing once that I totally didn’t understand! And usual rants about city inefficiency. What’s going on up there?”

Global News connected Masters and Mayor in a Zoom call this week to talk about the misunderstanding.

Mayor, Global Head of Energy at KPMG in Houston said she’s still perplexed her simple reply on Twitter got the response it did.

“It’s happened quite a lot in the past and I try to be pretty fact-based and transparent if somebody takes the time to try to reach out to Mayor Masters…I need them to know that’s not me,” Mayor said.

“My 22-year-old millennial daughter tells me the use of punctuation and the way I did it as a tweet is ‘hysterical’ to millennials. I touched a nerve without knowing that I could be funny.”

Masters, who does not have a Twitter account, said she received screenshots of tweets from many people and found it “hilarious,” the tweet went far and wide with her son in Toronto seeing it.

Mayor has been to Canada but only got close to Regina when she was in Calgary.

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“Mayor Masters has kindly extended an invitation and I promise I plan to take her up on it,” Mayor said.

Masters even took the opportunity to pitch Mayor on the city’s canola crushing projects.

Mayor expects this won’t be the last time she’s mistaken for the mayor.

“She’s such a terrific sport that we have shipped off the package of the ‘I love Regina’ merchandise from our city to you,” Masters told Mayor on the call.

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As for Mayor’s pending trip to the Queen City, it appears it will happen in the summer when temperatures are much more comparable to the southern heat.


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