March 23, 2022

Open burning to be banned across B.C. ahead of wave of extreme hot weather | CBC News

The B.C. Wildfire Service says nothing larger than a campfire will be allowed as of noon Friday across the province as scorching temperatures are expected to ramp up going into the weekend.

Fire information officer Sarah Hall said the wildfire service is closely monitoring the extreme weather across the province.

“This is resulting in a drying trend that is curing or drying out our fuels and this increases how flammable the material is and how quick these materials will ignite,” Hall told CBC News on Thursday.

“All fire centres across the province will have Category 2 and Category 3 open burning prohibition, so nothing larger than a campfire at this time.”

Campfires are restricted to no more than 0.5 metres in width and height and Hall said people must build a fire guard around the fire and ensure that it is completely extinguished and cool to the touch before leaving the area for any reason.

She said there are enough firefighters available to handle the current situation and what the wildfire service is anticipating.

Hall explained, “We did have crews return from Quebec today. We have a second wave returning tomorrow, as well as our other crews from Ontario as well.”

Hall said people should be mindful of restrictions in local jurisdictions.

She said this kind of extreme heat in B.C., with highs in the 40s forecast for some regions, is usually seen in July and August and she warned people should be extra cautious heading out into the back-country.

The B.C. Wildfire Service says 40 per cent of B.C. wildfires are human-caused and therefore preventable.

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