June 5, 2023
These 3 items could cost you more starting this April

These 3 items could cost you more starting this April

Whether it’s gas, food or booze, consumers can expect to pay more for these goods as of next month.

Starting April 1, taxes on certain products will increase, while supply chain issues are expected to affect the availability of some food items.

Here are three items that could cost you more at the till:


In April, the federal carbon tax will increase to $65 per tonne of greenhouse emissions, up from $50.

The Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation says this will raise the tax to 14.31 cents per litre from 11.05 cents per litre previously.


The federal beverage alcohol duty, imposed at the manufacturing level and adjusted annually for inflation, will increase by 6.3 per cent on April 1.

Called the largest jump in more than 40 years, the increase to the alcohol excise duty is fuelling concerns within Canada’s bar and restaurant industry about whether the costs will be passed on to retailers.

The federal government contends that the increase will work out to less than a penny on a can of beer.

But it comes as prices have increased generally due to high inflation.


Food prices continue to be stubbornly high in Canada, even as inflation shows signs of slowing amid higher interest rates.

Now, signs are emerging that the price of lettuce could rise in April and remain high this summer due to flooding and below-average temperatures in the Salinas Valley, a key farming area in California.

Disease affected lettuce crops in the same region last fall, creating shortages of iceberg and Romaine lettuce.

With files from CTVNews.ca Producer Sonja Puzic, CTVNews.ca Writer Natasha O’Neill and The Canadian Press

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